CAPITAL THREAD... Bye [sort of]

CAPITAL THREAD started as a celebration of style in Canberra, in my free time I documented the events, people and places that make this city special.

CAPITAL THREAD inspired me to explore my own creative side and led to me studying fashion design, which has given me a greater perspective on fashion and style.

With less time to dedicate to CAPITAL THREAD and with less exposure to people, since the majority of my current work is in the studio, I have made the decision to stop blogging on this site.

I will keep CAPITAL THREAD live, as an archive of street style in Canberra and beyond, but will let my focus evolve as has my career.

If you are interested in my journey as a fashion designer, please head over to my fashion label's site: where I will be documenting my creative process, inspirations and lifestyle through my practice as a designer.

CAPITAL THREAD thanks you for your patronage... and who knows one day I may be back.

 Media highlights: 

Cosmopolitan, April 2012

Canberra Times, Reveal pull-out, December 2011

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