Multicultural Festival... Canberra

Name the style of this hat?
[awesome is acceptable, but not correct]

What a great colour and pattern - did you spot the eyebrow ring?

Tops with cut away sections - going to be a trend I tells ya...


Multicultural Festival... Canberra

May I also bring your attention to the gentleman's shoes on the right... the toe, the heal and the textured leather! Why don't womens shoes look more like mens?

Bows bows bows

One of my favourites - going for a festival stroll arm in arm...

The Multicultural fest is when Canberra shines, everyone is out on the street eating, dancing, talking, learning about other cultures and having fun.

Thanks to all the lovely people that let me take their photos, and there are still many many more to come so please be patient and revisit CAPITAL THREAD soon and your photo should be up in the next day or two.

Also I usually take several shots so if you would like to see these or would like a larger format version of your photo just let me know by email and I'll get back to you.