The Henry Roth White Doves bridal gown challenge!

I've been given access to a Henry Roth bridal gown, and permission to rework it as I see fit! This not only fits in perfectly with my last semester's work on reappropriation (see my fashion design website: SZN for more), but it allows me to try out a dress I've been dreaming of making for a while.

The original Henry Roth dress:

My preliminary sketches:

The middle sketch is the one I have gone with, originally inspired by girl group The Ronettes I tried to adapt a 1950s style special occasion dress into a transformable wedding dress. By adding a detachable train, I want to create a dress that can go from wedding to reception and have future use.


Using cascading contour lines, there are no sharp shapes, just organic shaping that celebrates curves. Alll aspects of this garment were taken from the original, for example the lace-up back loops, became button loops - even the boning has been reused!

and final garment... come on this Wednesday to White Doves bridal store in Fyshwick and watch this space for photos. Here's the latest press: Canberra Times