Opening night... Fashionably Early, Gallery of Australian Design

Fashionably Early has been a great event, that has brought together many of Canberra's design community, both established and emerging, I will attempt to point out and link to a few that attended the exhibition opening night held at the Gallery of Australian Design.

Canberra Institute of Technology (CIT) students, dressed as fashion technicians, on hand to help with trying on garments - a very rare occurrence in an exhibition setting.

 Belinda Lee designer of Mishka n Milka maternity wear.

Left: Mitchell Thompson designer of Perpetually Five menswear, CIT student in his graduate year.
Right: Jade Sargent, designer of Sovata race-wear, also a CIT student in her graduate year.

 Project Runway contestant from season 2, lecturer and designer Mark Neighbour.

Right: Susan Taylor, owner of department of the exterior - a Canberra boutique featuring local designer's work.

Artist and lecturer Jodie Cunningham.

Milliner Angela Menz.

Lecturer and fashion designer Steve Wright of Corr Blimey.

Lecturer and event director Kate Shaw.

Maker of statements, Ben Keaney.

 Fashion designer Gemma Jameson of Eternal Safari.

 Fashion designer and muse to many, Rae Harvey of My Mother and Me.

Front: Composer and sound architect Joe Dolezal. 
Rear: CIT 2012 graduate class, who will present their work at KINETIC fashion parade, 1 December.

 Photographer Scot Newman.

Right: Me