National Swap Day Canberra - The Clothing Exchange

"It is no secret that Australians love to shop. But this love takes its
toll on both the environment and our wallets. The Clothing Exchange,established in 2004, has changed the face of fashion by promotingswapping as a playful alternative to shopping that saves over 100tonnes of carbon each year. The Clothing Exchange has declared October17th to be the second annual National Swap Day. To commemorate theday, they will host simultaneous clothing swaps in Melbourne, Sydney,Brisbane and Canberra and to create awareness and social change bystarting with our overstuffed wardrobes. To further promote the socialand environmental benefits of swapping, The Clothing Exchange haspartnered with Fitted for Work and Ethical Clothing Australia to raisethe profile of the sustainable fashion organisations.The Canberra event will be run by local Clothing Exchange hosts, Jessand Maddy, on Monday 17 October at Tilley’s Devine CafĂ© in Lyneham.Check in from 6:30pm. Tickets are $25 and available online at"

Handmade Market Canberra 1 Oct 2011 Canberra Convention Centre

DJ Style: HieronymusIX... Canberra, ACT

MC Style: Jr Rebel...Canberra, ACT

Indonesian Embassy Textile Exhibition... CIT, Reid

The Indonesian Embassy in Canberra put on a special exhibition for CIT students of Songket fabric which is featured here in the designs of Fashion Designer Zainal Arifin.

The models who arrived straight from the airpot, performed both traditional dances and modelled Arifin's designs.

This model [above] is also a TV Presenter for Ngulik - Trans TV 

...the designer