Sponsored Video, Merino campaign

Here is the Merino campaign for the use of wool in high fashion. 

Remember the days of Australia being known as a country that produced high quality garments from Australian wool? Well maybe your too young, but it is something you should look into. Just look at your latest vintage coat find, chances are it was made in Australia with Australian wool.

As a final year fashion student i've had to use and research a wide variety of fabrics. I've looked into the cost and environmental impact of imported textiles, and have also dealt with the sourcing of fabrics. It is even harder for Canberra based fashion designers, students, interior decorators etc. to access textiles for commercial use. A lot of time can be spent in ordering fabric samples, reordering samples, relying on internet pictures and descriptions, and paying additional to have fabrics delivered, is an inhibiting activity. But at least we can still order from Sydney and Melbourne not only internationally.

I've decided to support this campaign by posting it on my blog. Whether you buy fabric or garments from Australian sourced wool, you are supporting local textile and clothing industries.

Colonel Commandant... Cafe, Leura

 Plus fours plus more...
 a story teller, a highland character and great style!

Photos taken on a pre-xmas trip to Leura in the Blue Mountains, if you want to meet the Colonel, go for a cuppa at the local cafe, or look for the Hurlstone Highlanders, 268 The Mall, Leura.

Backstage...Re-Align - CIT Fashion Graduates Parade 2011, Bus Depot, Kingston

 catwalk choreography 

I've volunteered at the CIT fashion parade for the last two years and thought it would be nice to share the behind the scene story. Its the story of many volunteers, patient teachers, technical crew and models... lots of them!

If you have any info to share, I'd love to hear about models, makeup artist and/or hairdresser details, they did a beautiful job.