this is capital collection... group work, CIT Reid

Hey, seeing as another year has begun and I'm back at school for my FINAL year, lets recap on last semester.

We were required to work in groups to produce a collection of garments that met a brief asking for local inspiration thats globally connected. The parameters and market were set by the individual groups.

Mitch (my team mate) and I found a need for durable yet stylish work-wear for the established creative. That is those persons engaged in the art, design, fashion etc. industry who need to go from studio to exhibition, or studio to professional engagements and require clothes that reflect their personal style. Clothes that evolve and can reflect the persons profession and personality.

These were the three ranges we  presented, titled according to three distinct artist's personalities and work styles:




If you're interested in the process that arrived to these designs, feel free to check out the blog we created for the project: