The Wearer's Right [trade show]... 1000 Pound Bend, Melbourne

Canberra's own, fashion designers Eternal Safari & Sebastian's Sister:

 Watch this space for soon to be posted of behind-the-scene photos of their current in-store collections.

One of my favourites, if not for his labels alone, Contra Asset:

Creative use of colour and accessories by Empire Rose:

The Stolen Girlfriends Club, great name and great details:

Another great name with beautiful use of laser cutting and digital printing by On Tour:

From me this is all you'll see from Zsadar (for now). As a trade show, none of these great garments are on sale to the general public, so as requested by the designer, I will not post pics till mid-year - to prevent copying of course. Fashion is a tough industry and Intellectual Property is your asset.

Shame on me, I have forgotten the name of the following designer, but I will work on this ASAP. In the meantime, enjoy:

UPDATE - the following work is by Daniella Caputi, who is a Perth based designer.

As well as designers, there were distributors representing several brands, like these from the USA:

And other distributors of leather goods from Colombia... aw they know my soft spot:

Venue: Thousand Pound Bend where I had the yummiest lunch, they really host a good trade show...

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Chococcuro said...

Wowow such amazing pieces! I've gone all starry eyed!!

So glad I found your blog~ some great reads!