Canberra Multicultural Festival 2012

Its that time of year again when I do my MEGA post.

The Canberra Multicultural Festival is hands down, my favourite day and event of the year! Its a day that sees the most diverse and largest crowd of Canberrans brought together to basically drink and eat (meat on a stick in most cases), whilst respecting and observing each others cultures. And for me it is the most stylish day of the year; when people wear what represents them culturally or just what they happened to throw on for the day.

Thanks to everyone who let me take their photo, I was the one walking around grinning, with one hand gripping my camera and the other holding a rotation of sangria, spanish garlic prawns, Russian/Czech beer, Czech potatoe pancakes, chips on a stick, kransky, Croatian pear liquor, Italian piadina and a 'Malty Cultural' beer, especially brewed by the Wig and Pen for the event.


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