Vintage darling... April's Caravan, Lyneham

The lovely Miss April herself, gracious host of April's Caravan, a vintage clothing sale/event that is a must.

Event? you ask... well there were bands, tea on the astroturf, a book signing and a jumping castle! Look out for the next one:

What a great fitting jumpsuit on Min Mae...

Kelly Doust author of A Life in Frocks, see her website:

The beautiful sounding Chanel Cole and Adam Cook, who did a great rendition of Bob Marley's Could this be Love and Chimchimney amongst other songs.
...and Chanel's stockinged legs!

Might I point out that April's dashing ladies have had their hair styled by Rhubard and Me

Whiskers, Holdens & Skulls

...and my purchase.

[note: please let me know if my captions are wrong, I could've been heady from all the vintage]

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